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Art Campbell in a Nutshell (Really)?

by Art on July 25th, 2008

Art Campbell’s Non-Blawg contains offerings from an aging jock, recovering lawyer, and prize-winning poet.  He solicits any (written) response you may care to make.

Campbell was born in Brooklyn, raised in Appalachia, and scholarshipped to Harvard and Georgetown Universities.  Prior to earning his second law degree he was a road-maintenance worker, janitor, boxer, rugby player, and professional musician.  He then became a trial lawyer in Washington, D.C.– both for and against the government. 

For over 40 years Campbell has been challenged to follow the path of Zen Buddhism through varied venues.  Although a full-time law professor at California Western in San Diego, he has seen his poetry win prizes and get published in literary magazines and anthologies throughout the United States.  Married to best-selling novelist Drusilla Campbell, with whom he’s raised two sons, he now trains horses, plays polo, and occasionally runs roadraces in southern California.