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The Best Polo Shot of my Life

by Art on July 7th, 2009


Only in tournaments do I now free my warrior.  “I’ll do whatever it takes,” it warns.  “That’s why I brought you,” I say. 


Time’s running out, our side is behind.  Suddenly teammate Susan breaks away, streaks toward the goal with the ball.  I cover her six and ride off a rival as she blasts her shot towards the goal.  It slices wide to the right!  “Go, Zarahas!” warrior yells and my Arab leaps toward the ball at top speed. 


He reaches it ten yards before it would sail out of bounds but we’re still too far to the left.  Warrior leans out to the right, grunts and whips a desperate forehand across and under Raa’s neck.

We plunge out of bounds, see only a blur of white and the foot-wide gap between posts at this slant.  Regaining my balance, reining in Raa, I hear the crowd’s roar: Warrior scored!







Six seconds before "The Shot"

Six seconds before "The Shot"

                         THE SCENE: The Margarita Invitational, Hering Ranch, 16 May 2009…