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Zarahas + Stem Cells

by Art on October 8th, 2011

Only in the last year have I learned my favorite horse, Zarahas, my former polo-playing stallion– with his split-and-bowed tendon– wasn’t just facing a career-ending injury.  It was life-threatening. (Viz, Barbaro, that fantastic race horse of a few years ago who had million-dollar surgery on his broken leg, only to break down the good one by standing too long on it.  Result?  Euthanasia.)  So about a year ago I trailered Zarahas up north for stem-cell surgery. One surgeon sliced a chunk from his butt, the cells were processed to materialize the stem-cells, and then my ace-veterinarian inserted them in Raa’s injured leg.  So he’s had 6 months of non-riding rest (except when Raa would rear and jump around in his corral, waiting for his twice-daily hay.)  This was followed by 6 months of (verrry borrrrrring) riding at only a walk (despite his wanting to gallop.)  The last 6 months he’s been cleared for trotting; so we’ve been doing that routinely– last month taking a moonlight ride cross-country for five miles  (Just him, me, rattlesnakes, and coyotes).  He still does his tricks for treats (bows, counts to three, kisses, etc) and whinnies when he sees me exercise or play polo on the other three horses, but I’ve got to hold down his activity til he’s cleared to gallop.  I’ll let you know when that happens.  Cheers!