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Death of my Timeless Bride and Queen of Joy

by Art on October 26th, 2014

Dear friends and acquaintances of Dru Campbell: At 3 a.m. on 24 October 2014 Dru peacefully stopped breathing. According to her wishes, she expired at Crickety (her home), without pain, dying in my arms, with her son Rocky beside her. My last words to her were, “I love you, but you must feel free to let go of your riddled body. Wherever you go, I’ll find you.” Also as she wished, I bathed and dressed her body before consigning it for cremation. When her body was carried from Crickety she had one arm curled around her first doll and the other embraced a childhood toy koala. Dru’s celebratory memorial service will take place in approximately a month in St. Paul’s Cathedral, San Diego, where her remains will be interred in the cathedral’s columbarium. She died knowing she was loved by many.